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Trade Evaluation

Feel free to use our Internet trade evaluation form to help your car buying experience fit your needs. We will use this information to give you a firm quotation as to the value of your trade-in. Please keep in mind that you are acting as our agent, and any information that turns out to be less than accurate will render this price unavailable, thus defeating the purpose of using the form to shop for a vehicle. Also, we will keep this form to be used in the subsequent sale of the trade-in and it will represent our mutual statement representing condition and prior use, creating potential liabilities for both the dealer (us) and the seller (you). Please be as accurate and forthright as possible, contact us or your favorite car expert if you do not know the answer to any question. Pictures are also helpful. Thank you for shopping at
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Exterior Color:
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4WD Transfer Case:
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Seat Material:
Front Seat Type:
Power Seat Driver:Yes No
Memory Seat Driver:Yes No
Power Seat Passenger:Yes No
Heated Seats:
Power Windows:Yes No
Power Locks:Yes No
Tilt Steering:Yes No
Sound System:
Stereo Brand:
Satellite Radio:
Cruise Control:Yes No
Wheel Size:
Rear Air:Yes No
Rear Heat:Yes No
2nd Row Seating:
3rd Row Seating:
Luggage Rack:Yes No
Topper Type:
Engine Size:
Engine Type:
Air Conditioning:Yes No
A/C in working order?Yes No
Dash warning lights on:
DVD Entertainment Center:
Screen/Monitor Type:
Navigation System:Yes No
Rear Spoiler:Yes No
Keyless Entry:Yes No
Remote Start:Yes No
Hitch:Yes No
Running Board Type:
Off Road Package:Yes No
Extended Warranty:Yes No
Rust Proofing:Yes No
Any Other Option:
Other Comments:
Rate The Condition of the Following: 1 being Poor, 10 being Excellent
Exterior-Paint Fading:
Interior/Upholstery: tears, burns, stains
Glass: fractures, spider cracks, chips
Drive Train: noisy
Clutch: clutch slipping
Brakes: squeaky, noisy
Front Tires: percentage remaining
Rear Tires: percentage remaining
Please Reply Yes or No To Each Of The Following:
Did you buy this vehicle new?Yes No
Has This Vehicle Ever:
Been a rental car?Yes No
Had a salvage title?Yes No
Been in an accident?Yes No
Collision History:
Has your vehicle ever been involved in a collision?Yes No
If yes, was a body shop estimate of repairs written?Yes No
Were body shop repairs ever performed?Yes No
Was the vehicle repaired to your complete satisfaction?Yes No
Has your vehicle ever had hail or storm damage?Yes No
Body and Glass:
Are any of the painted surfaces scratched, rusted, or faded?Yes No
Are there any dents or dings?Yes No
Have any of the painted surfaces been repainted or touched up?Yes No
Does any of the glass have fractures, spiders, or chips?Yes No
Does the upholstery have tears, burns, or stains?Yes No
Does the steering or steering rack need repairs?Yes No
Does the stereo system or any of its components need repairs?Yes No
Do all of the gauges and dash functions work?Yes No
Drive Train:
Does the engine need any repairs?Yes No
Does the transmission need any repairs?Yes No
Is the clutch slipping or need any repairs?Yes No
Are the brakes squeaking or in need of repair?Yes No
Have any of the above systems been repaired in the last 6 months?Yes No
Has the transmission or engine ever been replaced?Yes No
Vehicle History:
Has the vehicle ever been a taxi, rental car or police car?Yes No
Has the vehicle ever been in a flood or declared a flood vehicle?Yes No
Is the vehicle's frame in need of repair?Yes No
Has the frame ever been repaired?Yes No
Has the vehicle ever had a salvage title?Yes No
Has the vehicle ever been declared a total loss?Yes No
Is the vehicle's air bag in working order?Yes No
Has the vehicle's air bag ever been deployed?Yes No
Do you have any of the service records for the vehicle?Yes No
Has the spare tire ever been used?Yes No
Do any of the tires need to be replaced?Yes No
Is the exhaust and pollution control equipment working properly?Yes No

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